Learn How to Train a Dog

Training Principles for Success

As your disposition influences your dog's capacity to learn, keep a good attitude and ask a trainer for advice on how to change your conduct for effective dog training.

Provide instant rewards

In order to guarantee that your dog associates the intended behavior with the activity, you should praise or reward it for desired conduct within 2 seconds and refrain from rewarding undesirable behaviors.

Be consistent

As mixed signals from various family members may confuse the dog, and using multiple terminology for the same command will result in imprecise communication and unpredictable behavior, consistency is essential in dog training.

Train while hungry

Reduce your dog's meal size before training to increase attention and motivation and to make them seek the rewards that will motivate them.

Discourage barking

Instead of screaming or tossing toys, which can promote the behavior, ignore the dog until it stops barking for attention and then praise the animal.

Praise him when he wait

For a "good wait" at the door, compliment and praise your dog to encourage the desired behavior.

Keep the fun going

Praise the dog when it returns and let them continue playing rather than stopping every encounter to prevent a decline in the consistency and enjoyment of the dog's recall.

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