OnePlus foldable price in India increased

OnePlus Set to Introduce its First Foldable Phone "OnePlus Open" Soon

Foldable Gadget

The tech company is gearing up to unveil its inaugural foldable gadget known as the OnePlus Open in the near future.


Building anticipation through steady leaks, OnePlus is progressively building up excitement among the masses.

Price Tag

Recent leaks suggest that the OnePlus Open might hit the Indian market with a price tag below Rs 1.2 lakh.


This price point would position the OnePlus foldable at a Rs 40,000 lower cost compared to Samsung's latest Fold 5 model.


OnePlus seems to acknowledge that a higher-priced foldable might not attract as much interest, a strategy divergent from brands like Samsung and Google.


OnePlus is asserting that the Open foldable will indeed "open" rather than "fold," setting it in direct competition with Samsung's folding approach.

Anticipations are high for flagship-grade hardware in the OnePlus Open foldable device.


Reportedly, OnePlus has opted for Samsung's AMOLED panel for its foldable, a choice that has seemingly contributed to a delay in its launch.

Foldable Phone, OnePlus

With its debut foldable phone, OnePlus will prioritize significant markets such as India, China, and Europe.

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