Phoenix Mercury breaks WNBA record with 45 points in first quarter

Phoenix Mercury

Phoenix Mercury has etched their name in the annals of WNBA history, amassing a staggering 45 points during the opening quarter against the Connecticut Sun. This remarkable feat shattered the previous league record for the highest points scored in a single quarter.


Their precision on the court was awe-inspiring, boasting an astounding 94.1% shooting accuracy during this record-setting quarter.


Despite the Mercury's formidable start, the Sun mounted a spirited comeback, reducing the lead to a mere four points by halftime.

Phoenix Mercury

Undeterred, the Phoenix Mercury held their ground and clinched a 90-84 triumph over the Sun, retaining a solid six-point advantage as the final buzzer sounded.


A standout performance by Brittney Griner, who tallied 21 points along with 10 rebounds, acted as a beacon for the team's success. Moriah Jefferson's impactful contribution included 17 points and five assists.

Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi and Megan Gustafson also left their mark, adding 16 and 10 points to the scoreboard respectively.

Phoenix Mercury

With a win-loss record of 9-20, the Phoenix Mercury is gearing up to take on the Seattle Storm in their upcoming Sunday match.

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