Potential Super Bowl Halftime Contenders: Miley Cyrus & Harry Styles Up for Consideration

Prime stage

The Super Bowl halftime extravaganza, a prime stage for musicians, awaits as enthusiasts eagerly await this year's lineup.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, despite her massive global tour, won't be taking the spotlight, sparking enthusiasm for alternative entertainers.

Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles

Rising candidates: Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles, both in negotiations with the NFL for a chance at the sought-after performance in Las Vegas.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, a hitmaker with three platinum albums, flaunts a recent world tour that raked in a staggering $400 million.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, once a Disney Channel luminary, has seamlessly transformed into a mature artist with songs that dominate the charts.

Styles and Cyrus

Devotees can anticipate captivating displays from Styles and Cyrus, aligning perfectly with their established triumphs and wide-ranging popularity.


Should they be selected, Styles and Cyrus could mesmerize audiences and transform this year's halftime exhibition into an indelible spectacle.

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