Sam Kerr: 6 Intriguing Facts You You Dont Know


Sam Kerr full Name is Samantha May Kerr. She was born September 10, 1993, Fremantle, Western Australia


Sam Kerr's father, Roger Kerr, He was born in Kolkata and comes from a lineage of sports enthusiasts - his father was a featherweight boxer for Bengal, while his mother was a skilled basketball player.


Following in Sam Kerr's footsteps, her brother also pursued a career in professional sports, opting to play Australian rules football.


Roxanne Kerr, Sam Kerr's mother, hails from a sporting family background. Her father and uncle were both players in the West Australian Football League (WAFL).


In 2019, Sam Kerr took on the role of captain for the Matildas, the women's national team. As a star striker, she eventually made history by becoming the team's all-time leading scorer.


In 2022, Sam Kerr was honored with the Order of Australia medal, acknowledging her exceptional contributions to the sport of football.

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