The 7 Summer Hair Colors You'll Want to Copy

Beachy Blonde

A light, sandy blonde hue that conjures up images of hair that has been sun-bleached from days spent at the beach and a carefree summer atmosphere.

Coppery Red

This bright, vibrant crimson color provides a fiery flare to your summer wardrobe and perfectly captures the warmth of the sun.

Pastel Pink

Your summer look will have a whimsical and feminine touch thanks to your soft, delicate, and charming pastel pink hair.

Icy Platinum

a pale blonde shade with a cool undertone that reflects the sun's rays and makes your hair look calm and light.

Honeyed Brown

A warm, golden brown color with honey undertones that gives your summer hair richness and depth and resembles the tan.

Lavender Haze

Lavender hair, a hazy and ethereal tint, gives your summer outfit a dash of imagination and individuality.

Sun-kissed Balayage

Suntanned Balayage Gives your hair a bright and dimensional appearance for summer by adding natural-looking highlights and lowlights that simulate the sun's soft touch.

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