The 9 sexiest short hairstyles for women

Pixie Cut

A timeless short hairstyle with clipped length and small layers for an edgy appearance.

Bob Cut

The chin-length bob is a traditional and adaptable haircut that may also be in a variety of shorter, textured lengths and styles.

Shag Cut

A modern, layered haircut with jagged edges and a lot of texture that gives off a carefree, fun appearance.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an extremely short haircut that has close-cropped hair that gives the wearer a daring and striking image.


A contemporary haircut that features longer hair on top and sharply clipped or shaved sides for innovative styling possibilities and a striking contrast.


A mohawk is a daring and edgy hairstyle in which the hair is sharply clipped or shaved on the sides, leaving a longer strip of hair running down the middle.

Asymmetrical Cut

A haircut with uneven or mismatched lengths gives you an edgy, dynamic appearance.

Choppy Crop

A stylish, disheveled appearance is created by a rough, jagged haircut with layers and hair of varied lengths.

Blunt Cut

A trim, angular haircut with blunt tips that gives off a professional appearance.

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