The World's 10 Rarest Butterflies

Palos Verdes Blue

Only in the United States, notably on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California, is the Palos Verdes Blue to be found.

Schaus' Swallowtail

Due to habitat degradation, this butterfly, which is native to southern Florida in the United States, has a relatively small distribution.

Queen Alexandra's Birdwing

The Papua New Guinean rainforest is home to the biggest butterfly in the world, the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing.

Miami Blue

This butterfly, which was formerly believed to be extinct, may be seen in a few spots in southern Florida.

St. Francis' Satyr

St. Francis' Satyr is a species that is endemic to a tiny region of the United States, notably the North Carolina sandhills.


This butterfly, which is native to southern Florida, had a severe decrease in the past but has now recovered as a result of conservation initiatives.

Richmond Birdwing

This bird is native to Australia, especially the subtropical rainforests of Queensland. Because of habitat degradation, it is now listed as endangered.

Schaus Swallowtail

Another butterfly, the Schaus Swallowtail, which is named after the scientist William Schaus, may be found in southern Florida and the Florida Keys.

Southern Dogface Butterfly

Despite having a wide distribution in the southern United States, the southern dogface butterfly is now uncommon due to declining numbers.

Luzon Peacock Swallowtail (Papilio chikae)

A native of the Philippines, the Luzon Peacock Swallowtail (Papilio chikae) is only found in a few spots on the island of Luzon.

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