Top 10 high energy dog breeds

Border Collie

Known for their keen intelligence and prodigious energy, Border Collies demand both mental and physical stimulation.

Australian Shepherd

Agile and energetic, Australian Shepherds thrive in settings that offer lots of physical activity and mental challenge

Siberian Husky

Originally bred to pull sleds, Huskies are incredibly energetic and love to run and go on outdoor adventures.

Jack Russell Terrier

Terrier named Jack Russell Jack Russell Terriers are little but incredibly active dogs that need lots of exercise and mental stimulation to stay content and well-behaved.


Known for their agility and hunting prowess, vizslas have a high level of energy and succeed in exercises like running, swimming, and agility training.

Belgian Malinois

Originally bred as working dogs, Malinois are active and require frequent exercise as well as mental stimulation to keep them interested.


Weimaraners are athletic dogs with a sleek silver coat who thrive in lively homes with frequent exercise and mental stimulation. They have high amounts of energy.


Dalmatians are renowned for their tenacity and compulsion for exercise. They take pleasure in sports and exercise like jogging and running.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Originally bred for hunting, these energetic dogs need frequent exercise and mental stimulation to maintain their happiness and health.


Boxers are lively and vivacious pets who need regular mental and physical activity to be entertained and manage their energy.

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