Top 7 Countries with Most Solo Tours. India Ranks 1st


India stands as the forefront provider of solo tour options, presenting a staggering total of 3,047 annual tours tailored for independent travelers.


Greece takes its proud stance in the sixth position, enticing explorers with a comprehensive array of 727 solo tours, each tailored to satiate the wanderlust.


Nestled in fifth place is Germany, a realm where 954 meticulously planned tours await eager participants year after year.


Morocco secures the fourth place, extending approximately 993 solo tours that promise immersive experiences to adventurers.


Egypt captures the third position with a robust offering of 1,040 solo tours. A standout favorite is the illustrious 'Nile Jewel Cruise,' commencing its journey from Cairo.


Italy gracefully takes the second spot, boasting a notable count of 1,125 solo tours. Prominent among these is the enchanting 'Italian Dream,' where visitors relish Tuscan lunches amid picturesque landscapes.


Spain clinches the seventh rank, its solo travel offerings embracing diverse possibilities for those yearning to embark on solitary escapades.


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7 Best Countries for Solo Travellers. India's Rank is...

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