Top 8 Species of Colorful Parrots

Scarlet Macaw

One of the most remarkable parrot species, the Scarlet Macaw is distinguished by its vivid scarlet, yellow, and blue feathers.

Eclectus Parrot

The Eclectus Parrot has a clear sexual dimorphism, with males showing off brilliant green plumage and females showing off red and purple feathers.

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

Macaw species known as the "Blue-and-Yellow Macaw" is distinguished by its vivid blue body, dazzling yellow underparts, and hints of green on its wings.

Hyacinth Macaw

The biggest species of parrot in the world is the Hyacinth Macaw, which is distinguished by its intense blue plumage.

Rainbow Lorikeet

These little parrots have colorful plumage that resembles a rainbow, with hues of blue, green, orange, and yellow.

Red-and-Green Macaw

This species is aesthetically appealing due to its magnificent blend of deep red and bright green feathers.

African Grey Parrot

Despite being mostly gray in appearance, African Grey Parrots have eye-catching red tail feathers and a vivid crimson or maroon tail base.

Sun Conure

A blend of vivid yellow, orange, and red feathers make up the fiery and eye-catching plumage of the little parrot species known as the sun conure.

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